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Using the Browser Search Feature to Locate Question for Qualtrics Action

This past summer, I needed to replace the Email Triggers in a research proposal system I built using a regular Qualtrics form. The process was complicated slightly by the form having 90 questions and there not being a search feature built into the conditions section of the email Actions. So, when setting up the conditions for when each email is sent, I needed to scroll through a long list of questions to locate the ones to use. Luckily, there is a faster way. [Continue reading]

Issue with phpMyAdmin after Using the Ctrl+F Keyboard Shortcut

While cleaning up database entries using phpMyAdmin, I ran into an issue after using the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut. Something about the shortcut modifies the functionality of the arrow keys within phpMyAdmin. For example, when the text cursor is in a textarea form field, the arrow keys usually move the cursor around in that field. However, after using the shortcut, the arrow keys now jump between the different form fields for editing a database record. Luckily, there is a quick way to restore the normal functionality of the arrow keys, at least until the Ctrl+F shortcut is used again. [Continue reading]

Shortcut to Edit Multiple Cells in phpMyAdmin without Clicking Edit Links

In phpMyAdmin, you are probably aware that double clicking a data cell lets you edit the cell value. But did you know you can also jump between cells? You can even jump to cells within a completely different row / record. [Continue reading]

Position Text Boxes in Photoshop Using X, Y Coordinates

When positioning text boxes in Photoshop, I typically use an existing composition, where the text box is already in the desired location, as a template. If a graphic slips through the cracks with a misaligned text box, I end up moving it pixel by pixel until it looks correct. But there is an easier way which lets you move a text box to an exact location using X, Y coordinates. [Continue reading]

Check Array and Object Values in JavaScript with console.dir()

The alert() method in JavaScript is useful for quickly seeing what a variable contains as the program executes, but it has some limitations. It won't display the values stored in an array without creating a loop, for example. If you do create a loop, alert boxes can be aggravating since they each need to be confirmed separately. Luckily, there is another JavaScript method. [Continue reading]

Scrolling through a Page Quickly with Keyboard Shortcuts

When viewing pages on the Web, there are a number of ways to get around. Interacting with the browser's scroll bar is one of the more tedious options, in my opinion. Let's speed up the process with keyboard shortcuts. [Continue reading]

Mysteriously Changing Font Sizes When Viewing Websites

When browsing the Web, has the text ever mysteriously gotten smaller or larger? If so, you're not alone. There have been many times where I'm working with a website and all of a sudden something doesn't look right. I used to think that a mistake was made in the code, but it turns out that my mouse was the culprit. [Continue reading]

Hiding Browser Windows with Chrome Toolbox

The more I use Google Chrome, the more it bothers me that the browser doesn't prevent windows with multiple tabs from being accidental closing. Other browsers have a warning before the window closes. At least there are browser extensions, such as Chrome Toolbox, to make up for the shortcoming. As an added bonus, Chrome Toolbox adds shortcuts for hiding browser windows. [Continue reading]

Duplicating the Current Browser Tab with Ctrl+N

When browsing the Web, have you needed to duplicate the page you're currently looking at? It doesn't take too much work to copy the website's URL and paste it into a new browser window. If you're using Internet Explorer however, there is a faster way. [Continue reading]

Keyboard Shortcut to Jump to a Specific Browser Tab

When working with browser tabs, did you realize there are keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs? Okay, it's probably just me. Even though there are shortcuts I use almost every day, the keyboard isn't always the first thing I turn to when interacting with the browser. However, I love finding ways to be more proficient and keyboard shortcuts can make completing tasks much faster. [Continue reading]