The main goal behind the CyberScorpion Bytes (aka ScorpBytes) blog is to share my experience as a website developer. There have been so many times where the online community has helped me solve issues and guided me through the development of new features that I wanted to give back.

As I develop website content and features, experiment with third-party solutions, or peruse website articles, I plan to discuss what was learned, how the knowledge was utilized, etc. Maybe this blog can help someone else avoid the pitfalls I've come across. Or maybe I can do some of the initial leg work and help you get projects done faster.

Note that the ideas presented throughout the blog may not be the best way to go about the solution. There's always another, possibly "better", way. That is the beauty of website development.

About Patrick

I have a Bachelors degree in Graphic Communications and a minor in Computer Information Systems from Minnesota State University Moorhead. I am currently employed by Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI) at North Dakota State University.

My primary focus at the UGPTI is developing tools and web pages utilizing PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. I also like to dabble in scripting languages like JavaScript, jQuery, and VBScript.