Using the Browser Search Feature to Locate Question for Qualtrics Action

This past summer, I needed to replace the Email Triggers in a research proposal system I built using a regular Qualtrics form. The process was complicated slightly by the form having 90 questions and there not being a search feature built into the conditions section of the email Actions. So, when setting up the conditions for when each email is sent, I needed to scroll through a long list of questions to locate the ones to use. Luckily, there is a faster way.


With Qualtrics' announcement that Email Triggers will be further phased out, I decided to make the time to upgrade a form that I have been putting off because of the complicated nature of the form, the number of email triggers used in the form, and the complexity of when each email is triggered.

The other deciding factor was that something happened where the Pipe Text variable for UploadedFileLink stopped working as expected in my Email Triggers. The variable used to contain the full website address for a file uploaded through the form. Sometime in April 2020, however, the variable stopped providing the domain name, thus breaking the link. This was problematic because the emails sent out by the triggers were highly dependent on these links working.

The Solution

One Email Trigger needing to be replaced was designed to send out peer-review requests. When creating the new Email Action, I needed to add a condition where the email is only sent if person submitting the research proposal provided the necessary peer reviewer information. Under the condition section for the email action, there is a drop down listing all the questions.

Instead of scrolling through all the questions, the process of locating the necessary information is much easier with the browser's built-in search feature. The search can be accessed using the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut. From there, I just needed to type some text that appears in the question(s) I'm looking for and pressing the next result button until the browser highlights the needed question (see Figure 1).

Screenshot showing the browser search feature in action
Figure 1. Using the browser's search feature


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