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Reduce Hassle with Ad-Blocking Plug-ins

Installing ad-blocking plug-ins within my browser has been on my mind for a while now. There just haven't been a lot of reasons to follow through with the installation process. It's not that the plug-ins are difficult to install; it's actually very simple. It's just been easy enough to ignore much of the advertisements out there. There have been a number of websites, however, which are trying hard to make ads difficult to miss. Some even resort to trickery for getting a few clicks. [Continue reading]

Fix for Download Issue with PDFs and Internet Explorer

Over the past few months, comments have been coming in about PDFs not opening properly. The process seems to get stuck before the download completes. However, the issue doesn't always manifest. There seems to be a correlation between it and larger PDF files. After a bit of research and eliminating some possible contributing factors, I came across a solution which worked for me. [Continue reading]

Hiding Browser Windows with Chrome Toolbox

The more I use Google Chrome, the more it bothers me that the browser doesn't prevent windows with multiple tabs from being accidental closing. Other browsers have a warning before the window closes. At least there are browser extensions, such as Chrome Toolbox, to make up for the shortcoming. As an added bonus, Chrome Toolbox adds shortcuts for hiding browser windows. [Continue reading]

My Preference for Internet Explorer and Why That’s Changing

Now that we're all gathered, it's time to confess. Until recently, my browser of choice has been Internet Explorer (IE). Even though other browsers have come along with better standards support and great add-ons like the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox, I've found myself straying back to IE. Since the official release of IE9, however, my preference has been changing. [Continue reading]