Shortcut to Edit Multiple Cells in phpMyAdmin without Clicking Edit Links

In phpMyAdmin, you are probably aware that double clicking a data cell lets you edit the cell value. But did you know you can also jump between cells? You can even jump to cells within a completely different row / record.


The last post (Edit MySQL Table Cells Quickly in phpMyAdmin) talked about editing cells in phpMyAdmin without clicking the Edit link for a row in a database table. Well, it turns out that you can even jump between cells using keyword shortcuts.

Move to Next Cell

Let's say someone's last name and email address changed. To update the database, we can double click and edit the last name field (see Figure 1).

phpMyAdmin screenshot showing the last name field being edited
Figure 1. Edit Last Name

From there, you could double click the email address…or you could hold the Ctrl key down and press the right arrow on the keyboard. That causes the field to the right to become editable (see Figure 2).

phpMyAdmin screenshot showing that you can jump from the last name field to the email field
Figure 2. Edit Email Address

Move to Separate Record

In addition to moving right (Ctrl + right arrow) and left (Ctrl + left arrow), you can jump between records. So if we are updating an email address in one row and a phone number in the next, you can double click the first entry, like before (see Figure 3).

phpMyAdmin screenshot showing the email field being edited
Figure 3. Edit First Entry

Then press Ctrl + down arrow to move to the next row. Then press Ctrl + right arrow to go to the phone number cell (see Figure 4).

phpMyAdmin screenshot showing that you can jump from the email field to the phone field
Figure 4. Edit Next Entry

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