Test Pages in the Wild

I recently listened to episode 10 of The Big Web Show titled "Less Is Always an Option". In the episode Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin interviewed Jason Fried, CEO and co-founder of 37signals. [Continue reading]

Creating Accessible PDFs with Word 2010

The other day I needed to post a Word document online as a PDF. After opening Microsoft Word to make the conversion I discovered that the Acrobat tab (used to create tagged PDF documents) was missing. The problem is that I’m now using Word 2010 and the process for making a tagged PDF has changed. [Continue reading]

Don’t Forget the Details

I recently heard an advertisement which said "Midnight movies are back starting this Friday with Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark." When I visited the theatre's website for the complete list of movies, I found out that Indiana Jones was shown a few weeks earlier. But there was some doubt in my mind since the website didn't list the year (see Figure 1); maybe I was looking at old information. However my confusion was cleared up when I heard the exact same advertisement over the next few weeks. [Continue reading]

Making Meetings Work

I recently attended an online seminar called "Making Meetings Work". The following points resonated the most with me [Continue reading]

Sorting Skills in LinkedIn

As mentioned in my previous post (Diving into LinkedIn), we now have the ability to add new sections to our LinkedIn profile. For a list of new sections, click the "Add Sections" link below the light blue box containing your profile picture, number of connections, public profile link, etc. [Continue reading]

Facebook’s New Spam Filter

If you have a Community or Official Facebook Page, you've probably seen a message that says "Check Your Spam Filter – Posts likely to be spam appear here. You can review, remove or approve these posts at any time. Learn more." [Continue reading]

Diving into LinkedIn

One of my goals for starting this blog is to find a replacement for my existing website (www.cyberscorpion.com) which has been collecting dust over the past few years. Before making the transition though I needed to find an alternative for my online resume. Instead of creating another page from scratch I thought it was time to dive into another popular social media tool—LinkedIn. [Continue reading]

What’s on Your Error 404 Page?

I'm still learning the ins and outs of WordPress, which is the web-based software used to develop this website. As I was digging around, I stumbled across the Error 404 page. If you are a website developer you're probably familiar with the Error 404 page. For those unfamiliar, this page is displayed when someone attempts to visit a page on a website that does not exist because it was renamed, moved, deleted, etc. [Continue reading]

Tips for Handling Website Support Requests

I recently received a support request for one of the websites I help develop. As I was formulating a response it got me thinking about my internal thought process for helping customers. [Continue reading]

Blog Launch

There has been a growing interest among my colleagues in utilizing social media tools like Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, etc. So instead of giving the standard answer of "I don't know" or "that should be possible", I thought it was time for some experimentation. [Continue reading]