Getting Older Stats for Your Hosted Podcast

Gathering first quarter statistics for our hosted podcast was a little more complicated than expected. Everything I needed was available under the admin panel except the number of downloads per episode for January 2011. After trying quite a few things, it turns out the data is available; I just needed to work for it. [Continue reading]

Searching Source Code vs. Text in Adobe Dreamweaver

Have you ever searched for something using Dreamweaver that you know exists but nothing comes up? You may even try something so blatantly obvious like the <p> tag and it still doesn't find any matches! For the longest time I've ignored this type of issue since it doesn't happen often, but it's been in the back of my mind. Well I finally broke down and figured out the cause of the issue; it all comes down to searching the Source Code versus Text. [Continue reading]

Adobe Dreamweaver Bug Causes the Find in Folder Feature to Select the Wrong Folder

For some reason I've had problems with Dreamweaver's Find in Folder feature. When browsing for a folder, Dreamweaver often selects the wrong one. I don't know if the issue is caused my computer, Dreamweaver, or both. But I wanted talk about how I get around the bug in case you're experiencing the same issue. [Continue reading]

Setting up a Makeshift Test Environment for Experimenting with PHP Code

There are times I need to experiment with new code or re-familiarizing myself with code already in use. But there are times when other project code (sending out emails, updating databases, etc.) gets in the way of the tests. The code could be commented out to prevent it from executing, but that may be more work than it's worth. Plus I may forget to uncomment something when the tests are over. Instead, it can be easier to create a new file and focus on the code at hand. [Continue reading]

How to Overcome the Skepticism of Announcing Products on April Fools Day

Every year on this day, organizations announce new products, developments, events, etc. But by and large the announcements tend to be ignored because they coincide with April Fools Day. So I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some tips & tricks for letting your audience know that you're serious. It may be too late to utilize the techniques this year, but as you know there's always next year. [Continue reading]

Checking Multiple Browsers Before Responding to Website Support Requests

When responding to support requests involving a website it's important to remember that the customer may not be using the same browser as you. They may not even use the same operating system (Windows, Macintosh, etc.) There are many issues that I've seen over the years as a website developer which work perfectly fine in one browser and completely fall apart in another. So make sure that you have covered your bases before responding to the customer. [Continue reading]

WordPress, Why Do You Mock Me?

When installing WordPress there is one thing that always bothers me. If you look at your blog page after the installation process the tagline is set to "Just another WordPress site." I would imagine the WordPress developers didn't mean anything by it, but the message isn't very welcoming. [Continue reading]

Finding Keywords Quickly on Web Pages with Ctrl + F

When visiting websites, there's a good chance that you're looking for something specific. You may come across pages that look promising, but after an initial scan you might not see the keywords you're looking for. Instead of going somewhere else or attempting to look closer at the page, why don't you give Ctrl + F a whirl. [Continue reading]

Setting Your Timezone in WordPress

When setting up a WordPress blog, remember to double check the timezone setting. Last week I posted an article late in the evening on February 28, but was baffled to see the post was dated March 1. After a little investigation, it turns out that I never indicated my timezone. So my posts have been several hours off since the beginning. [Continue reading]

Increasing Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts: Opening Web Links

This last week I needed to make sure dozens of links worked as expected. Normally I would just click the links, but for some reason the browser would jump to the top of the page after clicking the back button causing me to lose my place. Instead of opening them in the same window, I needed to find an alternative for testing links. [Continue reading]