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Convert Plain Text to HTML List with Dreamweaver Object

I commonly need to convert blocks of plain text into bulleted lists. The task involves highlighting each list item and enclosing it with <li> tags. The process doesn't take long to complete, but it could be streamlined. So I took the opportunity to create my first Dreamweaver Object. [Continue reading]

Software Update Reset My Dreamweaver Workspace

Last week my Dreamweaver was patched via the Adobe Updater. After restarting, I noticed that my workspace had changed. Panels were in the wrong place. My custom code color options were removed—along with my Snippets. Well, it turns out that the fix was quite simple. So I thought I would take a few minutes to share. Note: the information presented is based Dreamweaver CS5.5 (Version 11.5 Build 5366) for Windows 7. [Continue reading]

Maintaining Line Breaks When Copying Code from PHPFreaks.com

While helping people on PHPFreaks.com, I tend to have issues copying code from their forum and pasting it into Dreamweaver. For some reason all the line breaks are removed from the code. As much as I love manually adding dozens of line breaks back into the code, there has to be a quicker solution. [Continue reading]

Auto-closing the Files Panel in Dreamweaver

A few months back the Files panel in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 began acting up for me. Normally it would minimize after clicking outside of the panel, but for some reason it decided to stop working. I've spent more time than I care to admit digging through preferences and searching for answers online. Of course, once I stopped looking, the solution presented itself. [Continue reading]

Searching Source Code vs. Text in Adobe Dreamweaver

Have you ever searched for something using Dreamweaver that you know exists but nothing comes up? You may even try something so blatantly obvious like the <p> tag and it still doesn't find any matches! For the longest time I've ignored this type of issue since it doesn't happen often, but it's been in the back of my mind. Well I finally broke down and figured out the cause of the issue; it all comes down to searching the Source Code versus Text. [Continue reading]

Adobe Dreamweaver Bug Causes the Find in Folder Feature to Select the Wrong Folder

For some reason I've had problems with Dreamweaver's Find in Folder feature. When browsing for a folder, Dreamweaver often selects the wrong one. I don't know if the issue is caused my computer, Dreamweaver, or both. But I wanted talk about how I get around the bug in case you're experiencing the same issue. [Continue reading]