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Getting Older Stats for Your Libsyn.com Hosted Podcast

Gathering first quarter statistics for our Libsyn.com hosted podcast was a little more complicated than expected. Everything I needed was available under the admin panel except the number of downloads per episode for January 2011. After trying quite a few things, it turns out the data is available; I just needed to work for it. [Continue reading]

Adding an Audio Player to Your Libsyn.com Hosted Show Notes

At work I was asked to solve an issue with the website associated with our podcast. The problem was that the default player provided by our host (Libsyn.com) wasn't meeting our needs. On several occasions the player wouldn't play the most recent podcast episode. We also didn't like that if you were viewing the show notes for an older episode the player would still play the most recent episode, which confused our visitors. [Continue reading]