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Using Google Analytics to Determine Which Browsers Are Used Most for Accessing Your Website

When designing websites, it's important to have a general idea of which browsers your audience prefers. Knowing this helps identify which browsers to use for testing your website. Some coding solutions may also need to be altered. For example, if 60% of visitors are still using Internet Explorer 6, you might need to rethink some of those fancy CSS techniques. So let's look into utilizing Google Analytics to figure out which browsers are being used. [Continue reading]

Getting Older Stats for Your Libsyn.com Hosted Podcast

Gathering first quarter statistics for our Libsyn.com hosted podcast was a little more complicated than expected. Everything I needed was available under the admin panel except the number of downloads per episode for January 2011. After trying quite a few things, it turns out the data is available; I just needed to work for it. [Continue reading]

Problems with Google Analytics Code for Tracking PDFs

After struggling for nearly a week to install the asynchronous code for Google Analytics, I thought it would be good to share what I've learned. Hopefully this will save you a few sleepless nights. When I switched to the asynchronous tracking code, everything appeared to be working correctly. But for some reason PDF downloads and visits to external websites weren't showing up in the analytics. [Continue reading]

Future Proofing Your Google Analytics Code for Tracking PDFs

A few years back, I started using Google Analytics to get a better idea of what people are viewing on our websites. To be prepared for future revisions of the tracking code, I thought all I needed to do was store the code in a file called "GoogleAnalytics.html" and import it into the pages we wanted to track. Then as Google releases new versions of the tracking code, I would only need to update the GoogleAnalytic.html file for each website. [Continue reading]