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Easy Way for Comment Spam to Bypass the WordPress Moderation Queue

Did you know that spammers could bypass the WordPress comment moderation feature? If your blog is set to automatically post comments from visitors who have previously approved comments, you could be at risk. However, there is a quick fix to the issue. [Continue reading]

Asking Spammer to Stop Emailing: What’s the Point

Given how long email spam has plagued our inboxes, it surprises me that people still get up in arms over it. If someone needs you to sneak their fortune out of the country or attempts to sell you "Viagra", what do you expect to happen when you ask to be removed from their mailing list. Do you really think they care. In some cases all you're doing is confirming that your email account is active. Then they'll send more spam and/or sell your email address to other spammers. [Continue reading]

Facebook’s New Spam Filter

If you have a Community or Official Facebook Page, you've probably seen a message that says "Check Your Spam Filter – Posts likely to be spam appear here. You can review, remove or approve these posts at any time. Learn more." [Continue reading]