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Lessons Learned: Follow Hashtags and Hootsuite

Previously, I mentioned that you can utilize Hootsuite to monitor hashtags in social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Just be aware that the service may not track hashtags as you expect. Let's take a closer look at using Hootsuite and tracking hashtags. [Continue reading]

Pasted Link No Longer Needed Once Facebook Pulls in the Automated Information

I just wanted to mention one more quick thing about posting links to Facebook. To get the automated information added to your post, you need to paste a link into the Status text box. Once Facebook recognizes the link and pulls in the corresponding page title, description, and images, did you know the link is no longer needed? [Continue reading]

Customize Link Information Pulled in by Facebook

While maintaining a company Facebook Page, it's common for me to add links within the company's posts. The nice thing about Facebook is that it automatically pulls information from the page you're linking to. It usually does a decent job of getting the page's title, description, and images. But when the information isn't quite right, did you know that it can be modified? [Continue reading]

Modify Profile Pictures within Facebook

For a while now, I thought Facebook removed the option for editing profile pictures. The feature was useful for pictures that the social network crops incorrectly. Maybe the text within the image was cut or the picture isn't framed as desired. I'm fairly certain that there used to be a second step in the upload process for profile pictures. The extra step asked us to crop and position the picture, but that appears to have changed. However, profile pictures can still be modified. The process has just been separated—and somewhat hidden. [Continue reading]

The Pros and Cons of Google+

Over the past week, I've been digging through my potential blog post list, but nothing spoke to me. Then, inspiration hit when corresponding with a few Twitter friends about Google+. This won't be the timeliest post, but then again that's not the goal for this blog. Hopefully this will be helpful for those who haven't jumped onto the Google+ bandwagon or are struggling to see the value of using another social networking tool. Or maybe you're good with what you have. [Continue reading]

Using Custom Picture Thumbnails When Sharing Links on Facebook

When posting links to Facebook, the service usually searches the page for images to use along with the post. But Facebook seems to randomly ignore some pictures or fails to see any at all. If this is a common occurrence for the pages you maintain, there is a way to force Facebook to recognize an image. [Continue reading]

Quickly Switching Views for Facebook Fan Pages

Well it turns out that my previous post titled "Facebook Fan Pages No Longer Require Switching Views to See Notifications" needed to sit in the incubator a little longer. But instead of taking the blame, let's just say that Facebook updated their features shortly after my post… [Continue reading]

Modify Automated Information When Sharing Links on Facebook

When sharing links to Facebook, did you know that you can modify the title and description chosen for the link? Facebook usually does a decent job pulling this information from the website, but what if it doesn't. Or maybe you want the description to focus on another aspect of the page. Well with a few easy steps, you can show Facebook who's boss…kind of. [Continue reading]

Facebook Fan Pages No Longer Require Switching Views to See Notifications

If you manage a Facebook "fan" page, you're probably aware that a feature was added earlier this year which notifies us when people comment on our page or post something to our wall. Before seeing these notifications though, we needed to click that "Use Facebook as Your Organization's Name" link. But Facebook recently changed the process…for the better. [Continue reading]

Facebook Pages for Organizations Now Easier to Manage Due to Recent Update

In late 2010, I began maintaining Facebook pages for a couple organizations. Managing pages is relatively simple in the early stages, but I feared how difficult it would get as we posted more and when visitors comment more often. Unlike personal pages, Facebook didn't tell us when someone comments on our page…until now. [Continue reading]