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Lessons Learned: Follow Hashtags and Hootsuite

Previously, I mentioned that you can utilize Hootsuite to monitor hashtags in social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Just be aware that the service may not track hashtags as you expect. Let's take a closer look at using Hootsuite and tracking hashtags. [Continue reading]

Lessons Learned: Responsive Design and the SU4T Website

I was asked to develop a website for a one-day event. The project proved to be an excellent opportunity to sharpen my responsive design skills. Now, I have completed projects here and there where website content was adjusted on the fly to fit different browser window sizes, but I haven't spent much time making an entire website responsive. [Continue reading]

The Pros and Cons of Google+

Over the past week, I've been digging through my potential blog post list, but nothing spoke to me. Then, inspiration hit when corresponding with a few Twitter friends about Google+. This won't be the timeliest post, but then again that's not the goal for this blog. Hopefully this will be helpful for those who haven't jumped onto the Google+ bandwagon or are struggling to see the value of using another social networking tool. Or maybe you're good with what you have. [Continue reading]