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Lessons Learned: Follow Hashtags and Hootsuite

Previously, I mentioned that you can utilize Hootsuite to monitor hashtags in social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Just be aware that the service may not track hashtags as you expect. Let's take a closer look at using Hootsuite and tracking hashtags. [Continue reading]

How to Fix Links that Show Up as Empty Boxes in LinkedIn

In case anyone else has difficulties posting links to LinkedIn, I wanted to share a discovery. I've posted links to LinkedIn for a while, but recently LinkedIn hasn't been pulling in the usual content about the link. It just creates an empty box. To make matters worse, LinkedIn seems to have removed the ability to edit the link title and description. It turns out that there is a simple fix to the problem which relates to how I've been posting links. [Continue reading]

Sorting Skills in LinkedIn

As mentioned in my previous post (Diving into LinkedIn), we now have the ability to add new sections to our LinkedIn profiles. For a list of new sections, click the "Add Sections" link below the light blue box containing your profile picture, number of connections, public profile link, etc. [Continue reading]

Diving into LinkedIn

One of my goals for starting this blog is to find a replacement for my existing website (www.cyberscorpion.com) which has been collecting dust over the past few years. Before making the transition though, I needed to find an alternative for my online resume. Instead of creating another page from scratch, I thought it was time to dive into another popular social media tool—LinkedIn. [Continue reading]