Diving into LinkedIn

One of my goals for starting this blog is to find a replacement for my existing website (www.cyberscorpion.com) which has been collecting dust over the past few years. Before making the transition though, I needed to find an alternative for my online resume. Instead of creating another page from scratch, I thought it was time to dive into another popular social media tool—LinkedIn.

If you look near the top right of this website (above the search box) you should notice the standard LinkedIn icon which looks like a square button with the word "in" on it. Clicking on the icon will bring you to my LinkedIn page. Note that the page still needs a lot of work.

So far I've been very pleased with LinkedIn. The tools for editing profiles are simple to use and all the necessary fields appear to be in place. It looks like they even added the ability to create new sections like Certifications, Skills, Publications, etc. It also doesn't hurt that LinkedIn has over 80 million members according to their website. So there is a good chance that your future employer will be familiar with LinkedIn.


If you use LinkedIn, what do you think about the service? If you are an employer, what do you look for in a candidate's LinkedIn page? I would also be interested in hearing about any alternatives to LinkedIn.


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