What’s on Your Error 404 Page?

I'm still learning the ins and outs of WordPress, which is the web-based software used to develop this website. As I was digging around, I stumbled across the Error 404 page. If you are a website developer you're probably familiar with the Error 404 page. For those unfamiliar, this page is displayed when someone attempts to visit a page on a website that does not exist because it was renamed, moved, deleted, etc.

While reading the Error 404 page that came with my WordPress theme I noticed two problems. First the page doesn't match who I am. For example, I don't even know what the last bullet entry means "Relive the glory days of high school football and punt, but please do not strain your groin." Is it telling visitors to leave?

The bigger issue that I have with the Error 404 page is the cryptic explanation of what "404" means. I actually prefer to avoid using the error code altogether; why not label it "Page Not Found" or something along those lines.

So if you're creating a WordPress website or any type of website for that matter, don't forget the Error 404 page. It is the unsung hero for your website since its main purpose is to redirect visitors that may otherwise be lost.

Screenshot of the Error 404 page
Error 404 Screenshot (click to enlarge)

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If you use WordPress, has there been pages that you've been surprised by? Do you have any tips for developing Error 404 pages? If so, please enter them in the comments section below.


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