Facebook’s New Spam Filter

If you have a Community or Official Facebook Page, you've probably seen a message that says "Check Your Spam Filter – Posts likely to be spam appear here. You can review, remove or approve these posts at any time. Learn more." (see Figure 1)

Facebook screenshot showing the spam filter message
Figure 1. Spam Filter Notice

Unfortunately, the meaning behind the message isn't very clear. My first thought upon reading the message was that someone attempted to post "spam" on my page. Then my next thought was "Facebook has a spam filter?" So naturally I started looking for the filter, but couldn't find it anywhere. When I clicked the "Learn more" link in the message, it just brought me to a Facebook help page that listed a bunch of unrelated help information. Toward the end of the list, I found the information related to the spam filter, but it didn't say anything about where to find it. So the next step was to check Google.

Well, I quickly found a website that mentioned the spam filter should be located under "What's on your mind?" box. I also found out that the message wasn't telling me that I had spam; instead this was Facebook's way of announcing their new spam filter.

Where is the Spam Filter?

With the way Community and Official Pages are currently set up on Facebook, there is a good chance that the spam filter is hidden. Under the "What's on your mind?" box, you should see an "Options" link (see Figure 2). If you click the "Options" link, you should see the spam filter along with a few other ways to see your Wall (see Figure 3).

Facebook screenshot showing the Options link
Figure 2. Options Link
Facebook screenshot showing the Spam filter link
Figure 3. Spam Filter


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