Facebook Pages for Organizations Now Easier to Manage Due to Recent Update

In late 2010, I began maintaining Facebook pages for a couple organizations. Managing pages is relatively simple in the early stages, but I feared how difficult it would get as we posted more and when visitors comment more often. Unlike personal pages, Facebook didn't tell us when someone comments on our page…until now.

If your organization's page is eligible for the upgrade and you haven't upgraded already, the message shown in Figure 1 should appear above your Facebook page.

Facebook screenshot showing the upgrade notice
Figure 1. Facebook Upgrade Notice

If you're unsure about upgrading, there is an option to preview the updated design and take a tour of the new features. Otherwise, you can click the "Upgrade" button. Just keep in mind that once you upgrade, there's no going back to the old version.

Once in preview mode or after upgrading, you can see if someone has commented on your organization's page by clicking the "Use Facebook as <your organization's name>" link as shown in Figure 2.

Screenshot showing the use Facebook as organization link
Figure 2. Use Facebook as Organization Link

While viewing Facebook as an organization, you'll now receive notifications as visitors comment on posts, write something on your wall, etc. The notifications work just like they do for personal Facebook pages (see Figure 3).

Facebook screenshot showing the new visitor comments notice
Figure 3. Notification of New Visitor Comments

Once you're done managing the organization's page, you can click the "Use Facebook as <your name>" link to see the activity on your personal Facebook page (see Figure 4).

Screenshot showing the use Facebook as personal account link
Figure 4. Use Facebook as Yourself Link


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