Quickly Switching Views for Facebook Fan Pages

Well it turns out that my previous post titled "Facebook Fan Pages No Longer Require Switching Views to See Notifications" needed to sit in the incubator a little longer. But instead of taking the blame, let's just say that Facebook updated their features shortly after my post…

Notifications Area

First, the previous post stated that you still need to click the "Use Facebook as …" link before you can see the new people who "like" your organization's page. The good news is that the new Notifications area now shows all visitor interactions (new comments, Wall posts, and "likes") without switching views.

Switching Views

The other correction involves a quicker way to switch how you view Facebook. You just need to:

  • Log into Facebook
  • Click the "Account" tab near the top right
  • Click the "Use Facebook as Page" option (see Figure 1)
  • Click the "Switch" button for the page you want use Facebook as

The nice thing about this method is that it brings you directly to the page you choose. No more hunting for links to your Facebook pages.

Screenshot showing the Use Facebook as Page option
Figure 1. Use Facebook as Page Option

Well that's all for now and I'm sure the blog entries will be flawless from this point on. Oh wait, never mind, we agreed that it was Facebook that changed.


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