Pasted Link No Longer Needed Once Facebook Pulls in the Automated Information

I just wanted to mention one more quick thing about posting links to Facebook. To get the automated information added to your post, you need to paste a link into the Status text box. Once Facebook recognizes the link and pulls in the corresponding page title, description, and images, did you know the link is no longer needed?

Posting a Link

It doesn't matter whether it's a personal page or a Facebook Page for organizations, you can quickly add a link to your Facebook post be pasting (or typing) it into the Status text box. After a little while Facebook pulls in the link information (see Figure 1).

Facebook screenshot showing a link added to the Status box
Figure 1. Link Added

Removing the Pasted Link

After Facebook does its thing to import the link information, the pasted / typed link is no longer needed. You can just replace the link text with whatever you want to say about the Web page you're linking to. Removing the link doesn't remove the automated information (see Figure 2).

Facebook screenshot showing the link removed from the Status box
Figure 2. Link Removed


Now it doesn't really matter whether you leave the link in the message box or remove it. However, I'm a fan of using the least amount of text as possible. Since the link is already referenced in the automated link box, my preference is to remove it.

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