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Rename Files on the Fly While Transferring with WinSCP

When uploading files to a website, it's easy to let WinSCP do its thing. The file name will likely be the same as the one online when fixing typos and updating content. However, what happens if the file names don't match? We'll need to upload the new file, remove the old one, and rename the new file so that it works with the website's links. The process is tedious; especially if the process is repeated dozens of times. Luckily, WinSCP provides a better way. [Continue reading]

WinSCP Logging into the Wrong Website Folder

In a newer version of WinSCP, a setting was added to remember the last folder used. The setting usually works as expected, but there's been a few times where I'm dropped into an inaccessible folder with no apparent way to my website's files. Restarting WinSCP has fixed this type of issue in the past. This last week, however, restarting did not work. So it's time to investigate and share the findings. [Continue reading]

What the .filepart Extension Means When Downloading Files with WinSCP

One thing about downloading files with WinSCP using Secure FTP (SFTP) is that sometimes it adds ".filepart" to the end of file names. The extra file extension tends to be added when I'm downloading several PDFs at the same time. So instead of having files named "MyFile.pdf", they would be changed to "MyFile.pdf.filepart". [Continue reading]