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Alternate Way for Adding Labels to Online Forms

To make HTML forms more accessible to those using assistive technology like screen readers, we need to use <label> tags to associate the field labels with the corresponding fields. It wasn't until recently that I realized you don't always need to add an id attribute to field that you're attaching the label to. There is another way and it requires less typing. [Continue reading]

Are Skinny Scroll Bars Worth the Hit to Website Usability?

When it comes to interface design, what's with websites (and applications) switching to the skinny scroll bar. Okay, it saves space. But are the usability drawbacks worth the few extra pixels? Since downloading and trying out Rockmelt a few weeks back, I've been asking myself this question. [Continue reading]

Making HTML Forms More Accessible and Improving Usability with the Label Tag

It's surprising that there are still HTML forms online not taking advantage of the <label> tag. In addition to being required for creating accessible forms, <label> tags improve the usability of forms. For example, instead of forcing visitors to click those tiny radio buttons, why not let them to click the text label. [Continue reading]

Creating Accessible PDFs with Word 2010

The other day I needed to post a Word document online as a PDF. After opening Microsoft Word to make the conversion I discovered that the Acrobat tab (used to create tagged PDF documents) was missing. The problem is that I'm now using Word 2010 and the process for making a tagged PDF has changed. [Continue reading]