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Duplicate Log Entries Caused by the AddThis Widget

A search engine I develop was showing some odd behavior a few weeks ago. While making a few back-end enhancements, I noticed that many of the log entries were being duplicated. And they weren't the typical duplicates caused by a programming error. These entries were being entered after a 20 to 30 minute delay. Plus, the duplicates originated from a completely different IP address. Well, it turns out that the AddThis code I installed on the website was the culprit. [Continue reading]

Beware of the Trash in JotForm

JotForm is an excellent tool for building online forms. The problem with the service is they're a little stingy with storage space. This could be an issue if you accept file uploads. If you do, it's a good idea to clear out form submissions regularly. Just keep in mind that clearing submissions doesn't always free up space. [Continue reading]

Build Forms Quickly with JotForm

For those developing forms online (or if you want to), have you heard of JotForm? It's simple to use and it provides most of the features needed to build forms without knowing any code. Plus, they can be customized with CSS. There are even some useful features like having forms remember what visitors type. If someone's computer crashes while filling out the form, the information will be repopulated when the form is opened again. Let's take a quick peek at JotForm. [Continue reading]

Populate Forms Which Have Been Disconnected from Google Docs

Due to popular demand, we're going to look at pre-populating Google forms using PHP. Last week's post showed how forms can be liberated from Google Docs. Since they're disconnected, we won't be able to depend on the standard method provided by Google. We're responsible for developing our own solution. Luckily, this is fairly straight forward with server-side languages like PHP. [Continue reading]

Disconnect Forms from Google Docs for Complete Customization

Google forms provide a quick, easy, and free way to collect information from customers. The forms can even be embedded within an existing website to give a more consistent look from one page to another. Unfortunately, Google doesn't supply very many options for customizing forms. There is a way around these limitations, however. [Continue reading]

Advanced Uses of Google Forms: Customizing and Pre-population

As mentioned in last week's post, Google provides very few options for customizing their forms. However, with a little extra work, the form can look anyway we want. All the extra space between questions can be removed. Labels can appear on the same line as the corresponding form field. Let's look at customizing Google forms and other advanced usage of the service. [Continue reading]

Rapidly Developing Forms with Google Docs

If you develop surveys or data collection forms online, have you given Google Docs a spin? This free service is more than just creating spreadsheets and documents. It also provides a form builder which simplifies the development of online forms. The form responses are stored in a Google spreadsheet which can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc. Plus, the forms can be embedded in your own website. [Continue reading]

Industry News: CSS Media Queries and Call to Remove Share Buttons

What do you think about the recent call to remove share buttons from websites? Also, does your website utilize CSS Media Queries? If not, they may not be as difficult to incorporate as you might think. [Continue reading]

Making it Easy for Visitors to Share Your Content with AddThis.com

With how common social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter are becoming, I wanted to make it easier for website visitors to share our (the organization I work for) content with their colleagues. Instead of developing my own solution, I decided to utilize AddThis.com, which provides a customizable widget that can be embedded within a website. According to their website, the widget currently allows visitors to share content with more than 300 services around the world. [Continue reading]