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Adjust Page Break When Printing a Web Page to PDF

I wanted to print a web page to PDF, but some of the text was broken awkwardly between page one and two. The words were split so that the top of a word was on page one and the rest was on the next page. So I used the code inspector in Google Chrome to change the location of the page break. [Continue reading]

Experiment with CSS without Uploading Any Files

There are occasions where I upload the same CSS file dozens of times just to adjust padding around an image or to get a font size just right. Well, much of this work could be avoided by leveraging tools built into browsers like Google Chrome. We spent a little time in the last post talking about using the Developer Tools panel to remove content that gets in the way. This week we'll delve deeper and see how the Styles tab can help. [Continue reading]

Understanding How the Modulus Operator Works

I've used the modulus operator in PHP for a while, but I didn't truly understand how it works. Now, I know how to divide. I also know that the modulus operator returns the remainder when one number is divided by another. However, my calculation just didn't match the returned result. So let's look at where I went wrong. [Continue reading]

Build HTML Tables Dynamically with PHP Part 3: CSS Alternative

Using HTML tables for design is typically frowned upon in the Web community and the last two posts talked about using tables to display pictures and names in rows of three. For those unfamiliar with the CSS alternative, I didn't want to leave you hanging. So let's look into solving our problem with CSS. [Continue reading]

Thoughts from the CyberScorpion.com Redesign

It's finally done. The CyberScorpion Bytes blog has been redesigned! When switching to WordPress a few years back, a pre-made theme was chosen for the design so I could hit the ground running with the blog. It was never the plan to stick with that template. I wanted to build my own. Now that it's done, I wanted to share some thoughts. [Continue reading]

Going Live with Incomplete Code; Is It Okay?

Even though it isn't required, should code be left incomplete? For example, the last property/value pair in a CSS declaration doesn't need a semi-colon. The code validates and functions normally. So why worry about that last character? [Continue reading]

Industry News: CSS Media Queries and Call to Remove Share Buttons

What do you think about the recent call to remove share buttons from websites? Also, does your website utilize CSS Media Queries? If not, they may not be as difficult to incorporate as you might think. [Continue reading]