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Duplicate Log Entries Caused by the AddThis Widget

A search engine I develop was showing some odd behavior a few weeks ago. While making a few back-end enhancements, I noticed that many of the log entries were being duplicated. And they weren't the typical duplicates caused by a programming error. These entries were being entered after a 20 to 30 minute delay. Plus, the duplicates originated from a completely different IP address. Well, it turns out that the AddThis code I installed on the website was the culprit. [Continue reading]

Making it Easy for Visitors to Share Your Content with AddThis.com

With how common social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter are becoming, I wanted to make it easier for website visitors to share our (the organization I work for) content with their colleagues. Instead of developing my own solution, I decided to utilize AddThis.com, which provides a customizable widget that can be embedded within a website. According to their website, the widget currently allows visitors to share content with more than 300 services around the world. [Continue reading]