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Manage Tasks in Outlook: Categorizing Tasks

When I originally looked for a way to manage tasks, I tried Microsoft Outlook's built-in feature. The problem was that there didn't appear to be a way to assign tasks to other people. Well, that turns out not to be the case. Let's take a quick look at how I currently organize tasks. [Continue reading]

Compose Email Faster with Outlook’s AutoText Feature

When composing emails, I find myself typing certain phrases over and over. Some phrases are used so often that the words come naturally without much thought. Other times, I need to dig through my sent mail searching for how it was written previously. To save time, I've been looking to Microsoft Outlook for help. That's when I stumbled across the AutoText feature. [Continue reading]

Embed Outlook Shapes within Screenshots

When sending screenshots via email, it may be necessary to highlight something in the image. That's where the insert shapes feature in Microsoft Outlook proves useful. The shapes, however, tend to shift once the email is sent and may not even be pointing to the correct thing anymore. The screenshot could be modified using software like Adobe Photoshop, but there's a quicker way. [Continue reading]

Quickly Send Follow-up Messages with Microsoft Outlook

Have you sent an e-mail message and then quickly realized that something was forgotten. Maybe an attachment was missing or an important piece of information was left out. It's fairly easy to go through the sent items folder, forward the previous message, and include the new content. However, this requires us to re-add the contact information. That may not be much of a burden, but there's a quicker way. [Continue reading]

Compose E-mails Faster with Outlook Quick Parts

Over the years, I've found myself writing certain things again and again when e-mailing customers and clients. To save time from composing essential the same message, I tried looking for similar messages in the Sent Mail folder to use as a template. However, it can be difficult to locate those messages. That's where Microsoft's Quick Parts come in. [Continue reading]

Attaching Helper Files to Outlook Notifications

Some tasks are easier to accomplish when additional resources are readily available. When creating quarterly reports, the previous report would make a handy template. For events held annually, samples from last year's social media campaign could be included. Basically, if files are needed, they can be attached to the corresponding calendar entry in Microsoft Outlook. Then we don't need to hunt down a bunch of files when under pressure to complete the task. [Continue reading]

Keep Up with Deadlines by Using Microsoft Outlook’s Notifications Feature

When maintaining websites, there are bound to be tasks which need babysitting. Online registration forms, for example, need to be disabled after the registration deadline. If the person responsible for removing the form gets busy, they may forget all about the form. Instead, let's look at utilizing Microsoft Outlook to send notifications about tasks. [Continue reading]

Sending E-mails in the Future with Outlook’s Delay Delivery Feature

Have you needed to remind someone about a topic at a later date? If so, do you typically need someone to remind you to send the reminder? Instead of assuming that you'll remember or adding another sticky note to your monitor, let's look at utilizing Outlook's Delay Delivery feature. [Continue reading]

Converting PowerPoint Files to PDF: Which Option to Choose

When posting PowerPoint files online, I usually upload a PDF version of the presentation since they tend to be smaller in file size. There have been more than a few times where the PowerPoint file is over 100 megabytes (mb) and is reduced to around 15mb PDF. With that said, there are at least 3 ways to create PDFs in PowerPoint and each option may produce files of different size. [Continue reading]

Save Paper by Printing Multiple Pages to a Single Sheet with Microsoft Word

My personal preference is to avoid printing whenever possible. It's bad for the environment, it costs businesses money, and I really like seeing my desk. But there are times when printing seems inevitable. Maybe something is needed for a meeting and you won't have a computer—or internet access. There are still ways to reduce how much paper you use by printing more than one page per sheet. [Continue reading]