Quickly Send Follow-up Messages with Microsoft Outlook

Have you sent an e-mail message and then quickly realized that something was forgotten. Maybe an attachment was missing or an important piece of information was left out. It's fairly easy to go through the sent items folder, forward the previous message, and include the new content. However, this requires us to re-add the contact information. That may not be much of a burden, but there's a quicker way.

Note: the following information is based on Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Windows 7.

When sending the follow-up e-mails, including the previous message helps add context for the recipient(s). Forwarding a message from the sent items folder makes it easy to include that context, but it requires us to re-add the recipient e-mail(s). Using the reply option isn't very useful since it starts a message to our self. So, what else can be done.

What about the reply all option? It seems like it wouldn't be much different then reply…but for some reason Microsoft decided to do something other than what the label implies. Something useful. It uses all the recipients of the original e-mail for the new message. Give it a try.


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