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Attaching Helper Files to Outlook Notifications

Some tasks are easier to accomplish when additional resources are readily available. When creating quarterly reports, the previous report would make a handy template. For events held annually, samples from last year's social media campaign could be included. Basically, if files are needed, they can be attached to the corresponding calendar entry in Microsoft Outlook. Then we don't need to hunt down a bunch of files when under pressure to complete the task. [Continue reading]

Keep Up with Deadlines by Using Microsoft Outlook’s Notifications Feature

When maintaining websites, there are bound to be tasks which need babysitting. Online registration forms, for example, need to be disabled after the registration deadline. If the person responsible for removing the form gets busy, they may forget all about the form. Instead, let's look at utilizing Microsoft Outlook to send notifications about tasks. [Continue reading]

Using PHP to Dynamically Hide Content after an Expiration Date

If you need to pull something offline by a specific date, what happens when no one's around to remove the content? People get sick or maybe a deadline was overlooked and you're out of the office. You could just suck it up, go into work, and remove the registration form from the website. Or you could write a little PHP code to disable the form (or any other information) for you. [Continue reading]

Avoiding Deadlines on the Weekend

If you've ever posted an event registration form or some other time-sensitive information to your website, there's a good chance that you've dealt with deadlines. More specifically the deadlines we impose on website visitors. Well what happens if you're not around on the specified date and someone need assistance? Who takes the registration form offline? What if the website breaks? These are all things that need to be considered when planning a project. [Continue reading]