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Easy Way for Comment Spam to Bypass the WordPress Moderation Queue

Did you know that spammers could bypass the WordPress comment moderation feature? If your blog is set to automatically post comments from visitors who have previously approved comments, you could be at risk. However, there is a quick fix to the issue. [Continue reading]

You Haven’t Even Started Blogging and You Already Have a Typo

There are a number of blogs out there which list dates incorrectly. It doesn't help that many of the templates built for popular blogging platforms like WordPress, display the dates incorrectly be default. If you maintain a blog, develop templates, or have ever typed out the date; please stop writing them as October 3rd, 2011. [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Curly Quotes in WordPress so They Don’t Break Your PHP Tutorials

Have you ever copied PHP code from a website tutorial, but no matter what you did you couldn't get it to work? Or maybe you're posting code on a WordPress blog and can't figure out why people are saying the code doesn't work? Well you're not alone. You may have been bitten by the curly quote bug in WordPress. [Continue reading]

WordPress, Why Do You Mock Me?

When installing WordPress there is one thing that always bothers me. If you look at your blog page after the installation process the tagline is set to "Just another WordPress site." I would imagine the WordPress developers didn't mean anything by it, but the message isn't very welcoming. [Continue reading]

Setting Your Timezone in WordPress

When setting up a WordPress blog, remember to double check the timezone setting. Last week I posted an article late in the evening on February 28, but was baffled to see the post was dated March 1. After a little investigation, it turns out I never indicated my timezone. So my posts have been several hours off since the beginning. [Continue reading]

Stop Fighting with Me WordPress

Writing last week's post (Future Proofing Your Google Analytics Code for Tracking PDFs) introduced me to one of WordPress' major flaws. If you want to display code (HTML, PHP, etc.) in your post, there is a good chance that WordPress will mess it up. [Continue reading]

What’s on Your Error 404 Page?

I'm still learning the ins and outs of WordPress, which is the web-based software used to develop this website. As I was digging around, I stumbled across the Error 404 page. If you are a website developer you're probably familiar with the Error 404 page. For those unfamiliar, this page is displayed when someone attempts to visit a page on a website that does not exist because it was renamed, moved, deleted, etc. [Continue reading]