Setting Your Timezone in WordPress

When setting up a WordPress blog, remember to double check the timezone setting. Last week I posted an article late in the evening on February 28, but was baffled to see the post was dated March 1. After a little investigation, it turns out I never indicated my timezone. So my posts have been several hours off since the beginning.

Setting the Timezone

To check/update your timezone settings

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel
  2. Click the Settings option in the left menu (see Figure 1)
  3. Under the General Settings, click the Timezone drop down (see Figure 2)
  4. Select your timezone from the list
  5. Click the Save Changes button
WordPress screenshot showing the Settings option
Figure 1. WordPress Settings Option
WordPress screenshot showing the Timezone drop down
Figure 2. Timezone Drop Down

Note that the above directions are based on WordPress version 3.1.


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