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Browsers Hiding Aspects of the URL: Benefit or Hindrance?

What's with browsers hiding parts of the URL in the address bar. It's one thing to fade aspects of the URL to bring focus to the domain name. But why do browsers like Firefox hide the protocol and Opera hide GET variables? The URLs look cleaner, but in the end it may lead to miscommunication. [Continue reading]

Typing URLs into the Google Search Box

Have you received a message from a customer asking why a website address provided doesn't work? Maybe the address worked just fine when it was initially sent via e-mail, but upon returning at a later date, the page could no longer be found. Well, it may be more than a mistyped address or an Internet connection issue. [Continue reading]

Checking Multiple Browsers Before Responding to Website Support Requests

When responding to support requests involving a website it's important to remember that the customer may not be using the same browser as you. They may not even use the same operating system (Windows, Macintosh, etc.) There are many issues that I've seen over the years as a website developer which work perfectly fine in one browser and completely fall apart in another. So make sure that you have covered your bases before responding to the customer. [Continue reading]

Tips for Handling Website Support Requests

I recently received a support request for one of the websites I help develop. As I was formulating a response, it got me thinking about my internal thought process for helping customers. [Continue reading]