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Typing URLs into the Google Search Box

Have you received a message from a customer asking why a website address provided doesn't work? Maybe the address worked just fine when it was initially sent via e-mail, but upon returning at a later date, the page could no longer be found. Well, it may be more than a mistyped address or an Internet connection issue. [Continue reading]

Are Your Google Services Too Difficult to Find in the Recent Redesign

As website developers, we should look for ways to make using our websites more intuitive for visitors. They should be able to use our websites without needing to think about how to accomplish what they want to do. For example, if you use services like Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, etc., you've probably noticed that Google redesigned the navigation bar across the top of https://www.google.com/. The problem is that the link which shows all the services you're signed up for is a little difficult to find. [Continue reading]