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Attaching Helper Files to Outlook Notifications

Some tasks are easier to accomplish when additional resources are readily available. When creating quarterly reports, the previous report would make a handy template. For events held annually, samples from last year's social media campaign could be included. Basically, if files are needed, they can be attached to the corresponding calendar entry in Microsoft Outlook. Then we don't need to hunt down a bunch of files when under pressure to complete the task. [Continue reading]

Keep Up with Deadlines by Using Microsoft Outlook’s Notifications Feature

When maintaining websites, there are bound to be tasks which need babysitting. Online registration forms, for example, need to be disabled after the registration deadline. If the person responsible for removing the form gets busy, they may forget all about the form. Instead, let's look at utilizing Microsoft Outlook to send notifications about tasks. [Continue reading]

Archiving Old Code after Major Updates

After making major changes to a web page what do you do with the previous version? The old code could be tossed in the trash since it's unlikely to be needed again. However, there may be a time where someone discovers a critical bug that slipped through the cracks. Until fixed, it may be better to revert back to a fully-functional version. With that in mind, let's take a look at archiving. [Continue reading]

Making Website Changes on a Copy of a File Instead of the Original

When making major changes to a website, working on the "live" version of the file may be problematic. For example, if you've been performing updates for a while only to discover that you're heading in the wrong direction. Having the original file provides a safeguard in case there's a need to go back to the drawing board. The original file is also useful for making those quick updates which crop up before the larger renovations are done. So let's look into duplicating pages for updates. [Continue reading]

Why You Should Utilize Separate Accounts when Managing Multiple Websites

When setting up accounts for your job with services like web hosting, Google Analytics, etc., don't be tempted by the "it will be convenient for me now" argument. If you manage multiple websites, it may be easier to have all your Google Analytics reports under one Google account for example, but what if you need to split those websites up for some reason? If another developer takes over a website, will it be easy to turn over the keys? As in turning over the source files and account information…not emotionally. For that, you might need counseling. [Continue reading]

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed by Initial Client Requests

Early in my career, I used to get a little overwhelmed by requests like "Can you create a new website and have it online by the end of the week?" My mind would race with everything that's potentially required to develop a website from scratch. I would need to mockup a design; get it approved; build a template based on the mockup; work with the client on the content; populate the template; etc… On top of that, I still need to develop for and maintain all of our existing websites. [Continue reading]