Avoid Getting Overwhelmed by Initial Client Requests

Early in my career, I used to get a little overwhelmed by requests like "Can you create a new website and have it online by the end of the week?" My mind would race with everything that's potentially required to develop a website from scratch. I would need to mockup a design; get it approved; build a template based on the mockup; work with the client on the content; populate the template; etc… On top of that, I still need to develop for and maintain all of our existing websites.

Well, I could have avoided a lot of stress if I just checked with the client before jumping to conclusions. More often than not, once I start asking questions about the project the request ends up being smaller than I thought.

For example, the request for a new website usually ended up being a miscommunication. They weren't looking for an entire website, they wanted me to create a single page on our existing website. So a project that sounded like months of work ended up taking less than an hour to complete.


Have you been stressed out over a project only to find out that it was simpler than you originally thought? If so, I would love to hear some examples. Or maybe you have some tips for communicating with clients. What do you do to make sure you and your client are on the same page?


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