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Year-End Review and Goals for 2015

It's hard to believe that another year has passed. I hoped to have more accomplished, but there were a few unexpected twists throughout 2014 keeping me busy. Nevertheless, let's take a look at how my 2014 goals turned out and see what's coming up for the new year. [Continue reading]

Year-End Review and Goals for 2014

With the year almost over, it's time to review my goals for 2013. And since announcing those goals publicly seemed to be good motivation, let's try again for 2014. If you have any thoughts about the review or the goals for next year, please let me know in the comments section. [Continue reading]

Mid-Year Review: 2013 Goals

My goals for 2013 were posted at the end of last year. Instead of waiting until the end of this year, I wanted to share the progress towards meeting those goals. Some are going better than others to say the least. With a few course corrections, hopefully I can get back on track. [Continue reading]

Custom Calendar Design from the United Blood Services

Over the past few years, the United Blood Services (UBS) has sent desk calendars to donors. Even though that sounds a little boring, I look forward to them every year. The reason being that these calendars have been customized for donors in a very creative way. I wanted to take a few minutes to share. [Continue reading]

Goals for 2013

Reading "New Year's Resolution" by Marc Towler inspired me to share my own goals for 2013. Some of them have been on my mind for years now. However, little work has been done toward accomplishing the goals. As the Get-It-Done Guy says, "When you publicly say you'll do something, you're just more likely to do it." So here it goes. [Continue reading]

Asking Spammer to Stop Emailing: What’s the Point

Given how long email spam has plagued our inboxes, it surprises me that people still get up in arms over it. If someone needs you to sneak their fortune out of the country or attempts to sell you "Viagra", what do you expect to happen when you ask to be removed from their mailing list. Do you really think they care. In some cases all you're doing is confirming that your email account is active. Then they'll send more spam and/or sell your email address to other spammers. [Continue reading]

Blog Launch

There has been a growing interest among my colleagues in utilizing social media tools like Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, etc. So instead of giving the standard answer of "I don't know" or "that should be possible", I thought it was time for some experimentation. [Continue reading]