Goals for 2013

Reading "New Year's Resolution" by Marc Towler inspired me to share my own goals for 2013. Some of them have been on my mind for years now. However, little work has been done toward accomplishing the goals. As the Get-It-Done Guy says, "When you publicly say you'll do something, you're just more likely to do it." So here it goes.

  • Redesign CyberScorpion.com – When starting this blog, I planned to use one of the free themes until I was able to build my own. Well, it's been over two years. It's time to do more than just hack existing themes.
  • Rewrite the About page – An update for the About page has been on the docket for a while now. The existing page is a little lacking. The purpose for the blog needs to be expanded to identify my goals.
  • Learn MySQLi or PDO_MySQL – Since functions like mysql_query() have officially been depreciated as of PHP 5.5.0, it's time to look into alternative solutions. Who knows how long before these functions are removed all together and I have hundreds (if not thousands) of pages to update.
  • Dive deeper into PHP and MySQL – Over the years, I've grown comfortable with building scripts a certain way. However, I know there are many useful functions I'm unfamiliar with and that needs to change.
  • Read more industry articles – My research time is mostly spent on solving problems. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong or for a new project to dictate what to learn, I plan to regularly read articles online (at least two extra articles per week).
  • Share more on social networks like Twitter – With reading more articles and not being under pressure to complete a project, it should be easier to share what I find useful. My goal is to share at least one article per week (not including the link to the weekly CyberScorpion.com post).


With my goals being published for everyone to see, I should hopefully feel the necessary encouragement to get them done. Feel free to let me know your thoughts below…or share your goals for the coming year. Here's to a more productive year in 2013.

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