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Lessons Learned: Follow Hashtags and Hootsuite

Previously, I mentioned that you can utilize Hootsuite to monitor hashtags in social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Just be aware that the service may not track hashtags as you expect. Let's take a closer look at using Hootsuite and tracking hashtags. [Continue reading]

How to Fix Links that Show Up as Empty Boxes in LinkedIn

In case anyone else has difficulties posting links to LinkedIn, I wanted to share a discovery. I've posted links to LinkedIn for a while, but recently LinkedIn hasn't been pulling in the usual content about the link. It just creates an empty box. To make matters worse, LinkedIn seems to have removed the ability to edit the link title and description. It turns out that there is a simple fix to the problem which relates to how I've been posting links. [Continue reading]

Pasted Link No Longer Needed Once Facebook Pulls in the Automated Information

I just wanted to mention one more quick thing about posting links to Facebook. To get the automated information added to your post, you need to paste a link into the Status text box. Once Facebook recognizes the link and pulls in the corresponding page title, description, and images, did you know the link is no longer needed? [Continue reading]

Customize Link Information Pulled in by Facebook

While maintaining a company Facebook Page, it's common for me to add links within the company's posts. The nice thing about Facebook is that it automatically pulls information from the page you're linking to. It usually does a decent job of getting the page's title, description, and images. But when the information isn't quite right, did you know that it can be modified? [Continue reading]

Duplicate Log Entries Caused by the AddThis Widget

A search engine I develop was showing some odd behavior a few weeks ago. While making a few back-end enhancements, I noticed that many of the log entries were being duplicated. And they weren't the typical duplicates caused by a programming error. These entries were being entered after a 20 to 30 minute delay. Plus, the duplicates originated from a completely different IP address. Well, it turns out that the AddThis code I installed on the website was the culprit. [Continue reading]

Modify Profile Pictures within Facebook

For a while now, I thought Facebook removed the option for editing profile pictures. The feature was useful for pictures that the social network crops incorrectly. Maybe the text within the image was cut or the picture isn't framed as desired. I'm fairly certain that there used to be a second step in the upload process for profile pictures. The extra step asked us to crop and position the picture, but that appears to have changed. However, profile pictures can still be modified. The process has just been separated—and somewhat hidden. [Continue reading]

Google+ Changes Privacy Settings for New Posts…A While Ago

For those using Google+, have you noticed the new share settings? They appear to have been modified months ago. For some reason, I didn't notice until recently. Instead of posting publicly by default, they seem to have switched so that posts are available to my circles only. There's an option to make posts public, but it needs to be set before clicking the share button. [Continue reading]

Industry News: CSS Media Queries and Call to Remove Share Buttons

What do you think about the recent call to remove share buttons from websites? Also, does your website utilize CSS Media Queries? If not, they may not be as difficult to incorporate as you might think. [Continue reading]

The Pros and Cons of Google+

Over the past week, I've been digging through my potential blog post list, but nothing spoke to me. Then, inspiration hit when corresponding with a few Twitter friends about Google+. This won't be the timeliest post, but then again that's not the goal for this blog. Hopefully this will be helpful for those who haven't jumped onto the Google+ bandwagon or are struggling to see the value of using another social networking tool. Or maybe you're good with what you have. [Continue reading]

Using Custom Picture Thumbnails When Sharing Links on Facebook

When posting links to Facebook, the service usually searches the page for images to use along with the post. But Facebook seems to randomly ignore some pictures or fails to see any at all. If this is a common occurrence for the pages you maintain, there is a way to force Facebook to recognize an image. [Continue reading]